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Tips For Treating Body Acne

acne on the backAcne can appear anywhere on the body, and is not limited to only appearing on the face. The neck, arms, back, and chest are areas in which acne can be a problem. Though some of these areas can be covered with clothing, this does not change the fact that body acne should be treated if it is affecting self-esteem levels.

Each area of the body may require different treatment. The back and chest, for example, could require that moisture in the form of sweat be limited. This can usually be accomplished by choosing the correct types of clothing materials. Since sweat can clog pores, those who exercise may need to shower more frequently in order to remove excess sweat from the skin. Do note, however, that hot water can dry the skin too much. Warm showers are best.

It may seem to go against conventional wisdom, but a non-oily moisturizer should be applied to areas of the body that are plagued with acne. This should be applied after the area is washed. The purpose of using a moisturizer is to replace stripped moisture and create balance. When the skin is stripped of too much moisture, oil production will be increased, making the problem even worse.

There are plenty of acne products on the market today. However, there is no one product that works perfectly for everyone. Some trial and error may be required in order to find a product that works well on your body acne. Be sure that the product is safe for use on other areas of the body, and is not designed solely to be used on the face.