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The Challenges of Working While Pregnant

woman working during pregnancyIf you work at a strenuous job or at a job where toxic substances are present, you will need to make accommodations with your employer for different duties if you want to keep working while pregnant. If this isn’t possible, your doctor will probably insist you stop working.

Most women are given the okay to keep working while pregnant but it can present challenges for many women. There are several things a woman can do to help alleviate the most common problems of pregnancy from cropping up at work.

First, morning sickness can be a problem as any woman who has gone through a pregnancy will tell you – morning sickness is not limited to mornings.  Sipping ginger ale and having crackers on hand can help limit nausea as can staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  If necessary, get a note from your doctor stating you need to have crackers and drinks at your work station as many jobs limit the ability of workers to keep food and/or drinks at their work station.

Getting enough sleep at night will help alleviate tiredness you feel while working. While you need to keep up with light exercising, do not try to overdo it. If you want to keep working, try letting a few things go like any volunteer work you normally do or massive cleaning projects.

If your job involves sitting for long periods, take as many breaks as possible and walk around. Bring a comfortable back cushion t work to give yourself extra support. If your job involves standing for long periods, always wear the most comfortable, supportive shoes possible.